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    Student-centered college admissions counseling

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  • SAT/ACT Prep Program

    In our Test Prep program, you’ll be equipped with state-of-the-art interactive online tools, physical workbooks, as well as a personal tutor to guide you along in the most productive manner. We’ve partnered with ClearChoice – experts in the ed-tech field who’ve designed what we feel to be the best test prep learning environment out there.

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    • An hourly package with a private tutor
    • Comprehensive workbook with real ACT/SAT practice questions
    • Access for a full year to a customized student study portal that includes progress tracking as you work towards the test, over 100 hours of video lessons, customized quizzes focused on the areas you need the most help


    You’ll get individualized attention that’s guided by a private tutor who will tailor your path as you progress.

    • With many other test prep programs, precious and valuable time is spent taking quizzes while meeting with your tutor. But in our Test Prep Program, all of your face-to-face time is spent working with your tutor on areas you need help in.
    • All study material is constantly updated to be relevant with current ACT/SAT requirements.


    • 6-Hour Package $997
    • 12-Hour Package $1650
    • 6-Hour Add-Ons (after initial 6 or 12 hour package has been completed): $859
  • Our Test-Prep Expert

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    Sue-Ting Chene

    Test Prep Tutor

    Sue-Ting Chene is an educator of middle school math, standardized test prep, study skills, and music. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Music from UC Berkeley and a California Secondary Math Teaching Credential. Sue-Ting has several years of test-prep experience, and she previously worked for Kaplan and SCORE!


    As a teacher and tutor of all skill levels, Sue-Ting believes in fostering both content knowledge and study skills. Learning how you learn will help you learn new content or review learned material more efficiently and effectively. Analyzing successes and errors helps you stay focused and utilize the strategies that work best for you! Her role is to help you develop a growth mindset and a personalized learning plan to reach your unique goals.

  • How to enroll

    The first step is to book a Test-Prep Info Session so we can get to know you better and see where you stand.


    We’re beyond excited to share this with you and your family.