• About Throughline Guidance

    The question that has always perplexed humans at various transitions throughout life is, "What comes next?"


    While we haven't yet figured out how to predict the future, we can help you discover and follow the thread of your natural talents along your unique journey.


    The throughline was a concept first suggested by the renown 20th century Russian acting coach, Konstantin Stanislavski, to mean an anchor or a spine that guides a character through a performance. Stanislavski knew the story becomes so much richer when the character is rooted to something bigger than the single scene at hand. The throughline has become a term synonymous with “thread,” as in the set of innate talents, curiosities, passions, and interests that guide us forward with joy and enthusiasm instead of obligation and drudgery.


    Throughline started out as Dunce College Planning, founded by Alex Elison. Our iniital focus was to help teens discover their talents and passions, navigate high school, and apply to college.


    But then we realized something...

    The throughline continues beyond high school graduation.


    Our students came back asking for additional guidance at other points of transition on their journeys.



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  • I've devoted my career to working with people facing transitions

    -- those forks in the road -- by helping them discover their unique gifts and putting them to good use.



    I've worked with high school students wondering what is possible beyond graduation, college students who are feeling less-than-satisfied with their paths, and professionals considering making a big career change.


    My team will help you discover your innate talents and traits, using a science-backed aptitude assessment, and then we'll show you how to align your gifts in everything you do.



    We look forward to working with you as you navigate your big education and career decisions.

    The journey is never linear... what fun would that be?

    -Alex Ellison

    Professional Status

    Because there are scammers out there, I should tell you that I'm a member of NACAC and a professional member of IECA (Independent Education Consultants Association), which means I adhere to the Principles of Good Practice. Here are 10 Ways members of IECA are different from other education consultants.